The Uncanny.

After quite a long silence, here is one of the most recent projects I did for my University before going on a summer brake.

It is a play on Tableau photography , meant to explore the Freudian idea that as we grow up, we tend to start fearing things that we liked/enjoyed as children, for example the idea of toys coming alive, being the only person in the world.

These 3 images are my representation of the idea of solitude, darkness and silence , and their connection with Freud’s uncanny and infantile anxiety.

Hope you enjoy it.

That’s surreal.

These are some of the photos I did for my surrealism themed project at Uni.

These photos focuses on the surrealism’s relationship with the dream world and subconscious  and the idea that the real truth is hidden and needs to be discovered.

Hope you like it! 🙂

Dreams2 handsdarker bubblewrap print11

Rejoice in Colour.


Last weekend, when I was traveling around East Sussex with my friends , we stopped in a small town called Lewes. One of it’s most popular landmarks is the Lewes castle, which we went to see. It looks exactly the way I imagined castles should look when I was a child – high on the hill, with beautiful views around it and loads of romantic staircases . No wonder many people have chosen to get married there.


Another thing that caught my attention in this nice town was how colorful it is – with many small buildings in a row colored in different bright tones. I think seeing these may  work as wonderful pick-me-up on those days when you are just feeling blue.


Airbourne 2013, Eastbourne International Airshow


Last Sunday I had the luck of being in Eastbourne  exactly  when  the yearly Eastbourne Airshow Airbourne  took place , which made my first trip to this beautiful seaside city even more amazing.

In the show one of the best performances came from the Red Arrows  – Royal Air Force’s Acrobatic Team – , that could have been seen also in the last year’s Olympics Ceremony.

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However the most impressive sight in Eastbourne was the Beachy Head – a chalk headland located between Eastbourne and Birling Gap on the South Coast of England. The Beach Head cliff is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain , making for impressive views across the English Channel. Yet there is also a certain sadness surrounding this incredibly beautiful Nature’s wonder – it is one of the most popular suicide spots in the Europe.

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Battersea Bridge throughout the day.

This has to be my favorite bridge in London. Not only it is beautiful designed  but it also rests in one of the most picturesque areas in London.

Snow White.

This is a recent 30s style themed photo shoot that I did for my college coursework.
My main idea was to take inspiration from the Snow White fairytale ,
using 30s style clothes and make up , and do a kind of dreamy fashion shoot.
The  Location is Pergola and Hill Garden  in Hampstead Heath, amazingly beautiful place even in the midst of winter.